: Steubenville's Jane Doe asked people to do something...


I’ve never asked anyone to reblog anything before, and I probably won’t again. But I am now - because this matters.

The Steubenville rape victim, when offered money for her legal expenses or counselling, asked that people donated to a shelter for abused women and children in her county, Madden…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Steubenville Rape Trial



The boys’ lawyers plan to argue that silence is consent. 

The boys’ lawyers plan to argue that silence is consent. 

The boys’ lawyers plan to argue that silence is consent. 


Great. So all you have to do to get “consent” is drug someone into silence like these men did. This may be the most disgusting defense I have ever heard.

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"When athletes are accused of rape - and this is not the first or, unfortunately, the last time - often their teammates and coaches will scramble to defend them. That’s wrong. Athletes receiving preferential treatment is not uncommon and is undeniable at schools across this country, and in the case of Steubenville the safe haven of a team ready to go up to bat to defend two rapists has effectively squashed discussion around the central problem of the case: it doesn’t matter who rapes, or who is raped. It matters that a rape has occurred and that it occurred on camera and on the Internet and with great pride and joy from those allegedly involved. It matters that when these boys were publicly scrutinized for this behavior, which is undeniably tasteless and violent behavior stemming from probably equally tasteless and violent attitudes toward women, their teammates and coaches defended them publicly and privately. It matters because the only way people learn is by being told the truth - and the truth is that Coach Saccoccia and all of the Steubenville Big Red team should have stood in solidarity with what is right, and not who they know."


SPARK activist Carmen Rios 

Sports Culture should not mean Rape Culture. Sign on to the #EducateCoaches campaign here.

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"We Saw Your Boobs" celebrates rape on film

I think this is an important read, but I also don’t think it goes far enough. Because not one of those scenes needed to show the actress’s bare breasts to make any particular dramatic point. (The one I could see the strongest argument for is Boys Don’t Cry which, not coincidentally, was directed by a feminist.) I think MacFarlane is a misogynistic pig, but I also think this song was uncomfortable in part because it punctured the illusion we all accept, that most female nudity on film is about art. In fact, 99% of it is there for the prurient gaze of people like Seth MacFarlane—and we tell ourselves it’s necessary/reasonable/arty/important because that’s easier than never seeing any friggin’ movies, because they pretty much all feature gratuitous objectification of women’s bodies. It’s easier than being angry about it, and dealing with the inevitable consequences of that anger—being told to lighten up, get over ourselves, get the sticks out of our asses, get a sense of humor, get laid. So I’m glad Seth MacFarlane made us angry, but I wish we could all get just as angry about the fact that rape scenes routinely contain sexualized images of the female body as we are at him for this song. 


New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'





Women. Serving as voiceless repositories of forensic material since forever. Sigh.


What the everloving FUCK is going on with this shit??

You would think after nearly three years of doing this day in and day out, nothing would shock me. You would be wrong, apparently.

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I am fully down the rabbit hole of writing this book now, so posting here will be sporadic at best. 


Women are so completely reduced to our bodies in this culture that even in death—our personalities and faces erased—you still find us sexually attractive. Because titties!!! Even if you don’t consciously think of it that way (it’s just a game! It’s fun to shoot zombies!), that is the subtext of this sexy bonus-torso. That is the consequence (well, one consequence) of the fetishization of dead women.  —Lindy West, Jezebel


"As a legislator, the only concern you should have about sexual assault is what you can do, with your power, to end rape and the culture that allows it to happen. Anything short of that and you are part of the problem and shitty at your job."

- Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Feministing